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We are so humbled by the moving, heart-felt, and encouraging words 


"The Platform Magazine brings people together to celebrate the human spirit and its endless possibilities." Run Jodi



"When it comes to sharing inspirational stories from amazing people, The Platform Magazine is second to none!" Julie Weiss-Marathon Goddess



"it's easy to publish negative or uninspiring news but to be able to publish something that will make you think before you start the day with negativity the mag will give you a dose of someone always has it worse and tough times don't last tough people do!!!" Joel H. Hunt 


The ultimate source for real life stories for real life inspiration for athletes of all levels! - Glimmer Gear



Want amazing real life inspiring & motivating true stories of people encouraging people? The Platform Magazine!!! One of my favorite magazines…Yolanda “Walking Diva” Holder


The Platform Magazine is a 5 star magazine presenting beautiful inspiring people from all walks of life.. Simply beautiful. - Sherrie Rahbe


Platform magazine is an inspirational tool to help encourage and to transform lives. Live your dream, you are worthy. Nadia Sahari Actress,

producer and author.


"I love how the Platform Magazine show cases the up and coming entrepreneurs and gives us a chance to shine!" CEO ProUnit Performance Trainer Gary Miller


"The platform magazine reminds us that we all have gifts within us. How we choose to use them is what makes us champions" - Kimberly Phillips 


"I wanted to bring to everyones attention because it features notable people based on ACCOMPLISHMENTs and intelligence" - Helen George Mortorff

"The Platform Magazine is much more than a magazine, it's a tapestry of beautiful individuals, bringing light and love to the world!" - April Hartsook 


My beef with the media is that it often focuses on negative, but the platform magazine focuses on people overcoming challenges. Stories that inspire hope and perseverance through the challenges we face. - Ben Hoffman

I love Platform Magazine! What's better than reading about people helping others, being leaders and inspiring those they come in contact with? I can get this all in one magazine! - Aleah Scheick 

“Your magazine holds to quality and beauty. I can’t wait to ask for a subscription -Rachel

"Powerful!!! The Platform Magazine makes pages become voices of courage and inspiration. Experience the journey and be changed by the stories of these men and woman! " Mike Everett

"I absolutely love this magazine. TV and news seems to be saturating us with stories of negativity, pain and evil. This magazine is a beautiful oasis of hope, optimism and inspiration. Thank you." - Timothy Gill

“The Platform Magazine is a luminescent lantern of inspiration and enthusiasm for the aspiring and nascent leader in all of us.” – Michael H. Hanson

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