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First Ever Victoria's Secret Swim Special

Taylor Chiveral

Feb. 28, 2015


This was the first ever Victoria's Secret Swim Special! Being an angel member myself, I hold a high amount of respect for VS. I don't think many people know what it takes to be a Victoria's Secret model; It's not just bikinis, makeup, and cameras. This special gave a look into the lives of the Angel models and why they are angels in the first place. Spanning out over a week, we get an inside look at the making of the world famous swim photos at a scenic location in Puerto Rico (If only we could be there instead of the frozen dungeon of the North).

People just assume "Oh, she's a model. She must be vapid and materialistic." I'm so glad this special aired to prove otherwise. These girls have character. They have personal fears, goals, dreams, loves, etc. Thinking a model is not deep and artistic is saying that art does not exist in a role that's entirely about fashion. Models are extremely important to our society (And don't go off, saying they're all encouraging anorexia, because there are plus size models showing up more and more. Especially these models, who exercise and eat extremely healthy for these photos). Fashion designers create, and models show the creation with elegance, like a show room for a painting.

The best part of this special was the culture and nature of the spot they chose to shoot. The waves are clear blue and the skies are cotton candy just slightly kissing the girls as they pose, trying for the greatest sex appeal they can muster. One model described it as "it's not really me....I think of myself in the third person. That's why I am able to turn into, like, a vixen." They could do almost anything the photographer asked, such as swimming, climbing, or dancing. These girls a word: Angels.

And what made all this better? There was a VS sale online after the show. Score!



To Watch Show:

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