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This June, The Platform Magazine celebrates the essence of empowerment and transformation with our featured personalities. Terace Garnier, the reigning Ms. International World, graces our cover, embodying grace, and influence in the world of beauty and philanthropy.In this issue, Cait Cochran, our Lifestyle and Wellness Director Editor, explores the profound journey of embracing change and accepting perceived flaws as we age and grow. Her insights resonate deeply in today's dynamic world where self-acceptance and personal growth intersect.Delving into the realms of creativity and innovation, Chris Franz, our Pageant, and Fashion Director, presents an exclusive feature with Sara Levitt, illuminating the evolving trends in pageantry and fashion.Furthermore, we dive into the world of education and sustainability with Dr. Colleen Kelley, founder of Kids’ Chemical Solutions, advocating for safe and engaging STEM learning experiences for children.In the realm of science and exploration, Archi, and Anish Marrapu, our STEMPIRE Editors, uncover the hidden power of mathematics, demonstrating its pivotal role in shaping our technological future.Finally, Dr. Judy Staveley shares the flourishing benefits of growing your own garden, inspiring readers to connect with nature and cultivate wellness through gardening.Join us as we explore these captivating stories and more, shaping conversations that matter in June 2024’s edition of The Platform Magazine.

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