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Welcome to this edition, where we spotlight inspiring individuals and explore the profound impact of diverse fields. First, meet Darlene Quinn, Mrs. North America WOA 2024. We delve into her journey, her dedication to empowering women, and her vision for the future. Cait Cochran, our Lifestyle and Wellness Director Editor, explores the rising popularity of pickleball, captivating all ages and transforming communities. Dr. Tiffany Tajiri, Dr. American 2024, shares her groundbreaking work in mental health, promoting psychological well-being. Jennifer Rios brings the Maryland State 4th of July Parade to life, showcasing joy, patriotism, and community pride. Achi and Anish Marrapu, editors of STEMPIRE, reveal the hidden power of mathematics and its impact on our world. Finally,

Dr. Judy Staveley explores the rich history and natural beauty of Valley Forge, encouraging readers to rediscover its splendor. This edition celebrates excellence, community, and remarkable contributions across various fields.

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